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Shower System
Shower System
Shower System
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Graphite Grey PVD



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Slim. Scandinavian. Attractive.

With its pure, inviting design Silhouet fits beautifully in the kitchens and bathrooms of today as well as tomorrow. For the bathroom sink, Silhouet is available in three different heights to ensure you can also use it with a tall, tabletop mounted vessel sink. The stylish Silhouet shower system features a showerhead that due to its ultra slim design appears to hover for an even more sophisticated look. Silhouet is the essence of timeless Scandinavian design and outstanding Damixa quality.

Rub Clean
Rub Clean
3 Spray Modes
3 Spray Modes
Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
Eco Click
Eco Click
Standard features
Adjustable Height
1750 mm metal hose
Integrated diverter
Standard 150mm centres
With 3/4" wall plates & eccentric unions
Including head shower, hand shower and hose
Head Shower max. 9 l/m / Hand Shower max. 9 l/m
Drawings & documents
Download Spare part drawing
Download User guide
Download Dimension drawing
Download Cleaning guide
Download Product picture
Download 3D files
Spare Part No. Name Price incl. VAT EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.: 766635500 Name:SILHOUET HEAD SHOWER Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516837558
Spare Part No.:9309255 Name:KIT WALL BRACKET Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516838814
Spare Part No.: 0316355 Name:GLIDER FOR Ø21 MM RAIL Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516837916
Spare Part No.:0321755 Name:HANDLE COMPLETE Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516837886
Spare Part No.:0318500 Name:KIT DIVERTER TMC OP/NED Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516803317
Spare Part No.: 1381100 Name:KIT TEMP. REGULATION Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516471189
Spare Part No.:2389855 Name:KIT NUT, VALVE Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516838463
Spare Part No.: 2786300 Name:KIT FILTERS Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516061359
Spare Part No.: 136435500 Name:WALL PLATES - 2 PCS. Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516837756
Spare Part No.: 766535500 Name:SHOWER HOSE Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516837602
Spare Part No.: 766865500 Name:SHOWER SILHOUET Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516837572
Spare Part No.:9305155 Name:TOP RAIL F/SHOWER SYSTEM Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516838470

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