Slate Chrome/Black 4 shower system []
4 shower system
4 shower system
4 shower system

Chrome/Black 4 shower system

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Stylish design in a class of its own

A new direction for tap fixture design. With its modern and minimalist expression, the stylish Slate fits in perfectly with the interior arrangement of today. The matt black handle on Slate feels good to touch, and the unique combination of black and chrome puts Slate in a class of its own. Slate is also available with a chrome handle and as a Pro-version with a high, black and flexible spout that brings the concept of the kitchen as a functional working space into life.

Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
Eco Click
Eco Click
Integrated Diverter
Integrated Diverter
Rub Clean
Rub Clean
3 Spray Modes
3 Spray Modes
Standard features
Scalding protection (38ºC)
Head Shower max. 17 l/m / Hand Shower max. 9 l/m
Adjustable Height
1750 mm metal hose
Integrated diverter
Non Ceramic Headpart
Standard 150mm centres
Eco-Click water saving feature
With wall plates & eccentric unions
Drawings & documents
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DownloadInstallation guide
DownloadDimension drawing
DownloadCleaning guide
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Spare Part No. Name Description EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.:76666 Name:HEAD SHOWER SLATE3 Description:RUBCLEAN, 210X295 MM EAN Nr.:5708516811626
Spare Part No.:03177 Name:WALL MOUNTING KIT Description: EAN Nr.:5708516738190
Spare Part No.:03163 Name:GLIDER FOR Ø21 MM PIPE Description: EAN Nr.:5708516733324
Spare Part No.:03105 Name:CHASSIS, FLOWBEGR Description:& ANTI_SCALDING EAN Nr.:5708516727644
Spare Part No.:03185 Name:DIVERTER TMC OP/NED Description: EAN Nr.:5708516803317
Spare Part No.:13810 Name:STOP VALVE Description: EAN Nr.:5708516471172
Spare Part No.:13811 Name:TEMP. REGULATION Description:SENSOR COLD EAN Nr.:5708516471189
Spare Part No.:23898 Name:NUT, STOP VALVE Description:& FILTER, TMC EAN Nr.:5708516719458
Spare Part No.:27863 Name:FILTERS Description:2 PCS EAN Nr.:5708516061359
Spare Part No.:13643 Name:WALL PLATES 2 PCS Description: EAN Nr.:5708516338291
Spare Part No.:03192 Name:BR.HOSE Description:1750 MM, "SILVER" EASYFLEX EAN Nr.:5708516807056
Spare Part No.:76665 Name:SHOWER PINE/SLATE 4 Description:3 FUNCTIONS, RUB CLEAN, BLACK SPRAY PLATE EAN Nr.:5708516825555
Spare Part No.:76653 Name:SHOWER HOSE Description:1750 MM, METAL EAN Nr.:5708516710806

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