Guarantee period

Two years on malfunctioning or leaking products.

Five years extended drip guarantee on taps that drip from the spout.

Costs incurred in connection with a claim under the guarantee.

For complaints made within the guarantee period, Damixa covers the cost of an installer/fitter and spare parts/products in connection with replacements. It is a requirement that all complaints and service requests have been approved by Damixa before work commences.

Have spare parts sent to you or receive a visit from a qualified technician when you need repairs done under the guarantee.

Depending on the product or service in question, the guarantee will cover either shipment of spare parts/products or a visit by Damixa’s own service technician or an appointed water, heating and sanitation technician who is familiar with Damixa’s products.

Retailers must contact Damixa before taking any action under the guarantee.

The retailer must contact Damixa before repairs are carried out under the guarantee. Repairs can be carried out under the guarantee once Damixa has approved the claim.  

The first thing to do in connection with a claim under the guarantee is to contact the retailer.

The first thing to do in the event of a complaint about a Damixa product is always to contact the retailer who sold the product. The Retailer acts on Damixa’s behalf in matters relating to the guarantee.Damixa’s experienced service department covers the entire country and is always available to answer questions or provide technical support in connection with claims under the guarantee.

Exceptions to the guarantee:

1.    The guarantee does not apply in the event of faulty installation or impurities in the water.
2.    All taps must be installed in frost-free surroundings. Damage due to frost is not covered by the guarantee.
3.    Damage due to a lack of or incorrect maintenance of the product is not covered.

In need of spare parts after the guarantee:

If you live in the UK you can at any time buy official Damixa spare parts at