Silhouet Collection

The Silhouet Collection is a complete range of bathroom accessories that match the design and colours of the popular Silhouet series.


If you love colours. Add some white

Silhouet Matt White is minimalism in its purest form. The design is stylish, Scandinavian and timeless, and the matt white surface makes the shape and details stand out clearly.


Tap into your Damixa surface style

With Damixa, you can combine superior functionality with design, materials and colours that reflect your style and the ambience you want in your home.


Silhouet Touchless

is a revolution in touchless taps, designed specifically for home use. Stylish, practical and hygienic because you never have to touch the tap with dirty hands.


Silhouet in 7 beautiful colours

Silhouet comes in 7 beautiful surfaces: Chrome, steel, brass, brushed brass, brushed copper, matt black and the new matt white


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