Beauty comes from within

Damixa concealed bathroom shower and basin solutions

New product category for concealed installation: Enjoy a beautiful minimalist design in your bathroom by concealing the shower thermostat or the washbasin fitting inside the wall.

Stylish Scandinavian design has always been a Damixa trademark. Now, we're taking simplicity to a whole new level with our complete category of concealed installation products. Integrating the shower thermostat or the washbasin mixer into the wall gives your bathroom an even more stylish and minimalist expression. The eyes only see what the hands are supposed to operate: The tap by the washbasin; the hand and head showers in the shower bath.

For wash-basins, too

Our new product category also features a washbasin mixer for concealed installation as well as the external parts required to achieve a sleek, complete concealed solution: Outlet pipes, handles and rosettes. Thanks to their stylish Damixa design, the external parts will complement any bathroom.

Design packages for your shower

Each package includes a thermostat in a box for concealed installation, complete with hand shower, head shower and handles for wall installation.

For shower baths, we've put together many attractive design packages that make it easy to choose the Damixa series that complements your bathroom best. Choose between e.g.:

One price. No surprises

No matter which solution you choose, all necessary accessories needed to the installation are included. This makes your concealed solution from Damixa just as safe as a traditional fitting.

Bottom line: There are no surprises when choosing Damixa. Neither in terms of pricing nor when installing the fitting.​​​​​​​

Your home. Your choice

The design packages for shower baths make it even easier for you to choose your favourite design – and for your plumber to order and install the complete solution. Everything comes in the box – both the internal and external parts. However, you can also choose among Damixa's many other beautiful design series for your shower. In that case, please ask your plumber to order the internal and external parts separately.

Silhouet Concealed Basin Exposed kit