Tap into your style

Your morning shower wakes you up. You brew your morning coffee. Cook. And wash your hands. Taps play a central role in your daily life.

With Damixa, you can combine superior functionality with design, materials and colours that reflect your style and the ambience you want in your home.



In taps, chrome is the equivalent of the white shirt or the little black dress. Stylish, timeless, and utterly classic. A material that lets the design take centre stage, and blends in naturally in everything from industrial kitchens to Nordic farmhouse kitchens. And the surface is both durable and easy to maintain.


Matt white

White is the colour of new beginnings. And white taps are a design innovation where the colour truly comes into its own in very simple designs. The ideal choice to complement the bright kitchen or bathroom. Or to create contrast to colourful surfaces. The silky matt surface is nice to the touch, and the resilient, specially treated surface is surprisingly easy to keep clean and pure white. 



For generations, stainless steel has been associated with professional kitchens, where the appearance of the materials only improves with use. The elegant steel surface has long since moved into the home. The material fits well with the relaxed, Nordic lifestyle, where everyday design must be both functional and visually appealing.


Graphite grey

Graphite Grey is not only eye-catching, but also a very versatile surface that fits into most styles of interior. The silky brushed details add a sense of vividness to your home, ensuring a sturdy expression that fits with industrial concrete, but also adds contrast to lighter materials as wood and white porcelain. Another unique layer – or shade of grey – has been added which makes it extremely resistant to scratches and fingerprints.


Matt Black

Matt black is stylish, minimalist and elegant. With its toned-down expression, it adds a touch of luxury to everything from the raw, urban kitchen to the sensuous spa bathroom. The matt black finish keeps its colour, year after year. The robust surface is easy to clean and both dirt and fingerprint resistant.



Brass is great for setting the mood, and a choice that exudes attitude and personality. Brass has the ability to blend into the surroundings naturally, while at the same time adding an extra dimension. The expression can be warm and cosy – or cool and urban. And the special PVD coating makes the surface extremely resistant to scratches and discolouration.



We know the material from the beautiful copper kettles at the breweries, the saucepans in the manor kitchens and the taps at trendy cafes and restaurants. Copper matches everything from the raw industrial look to warm, urban style, with a presence that is both extravagant and casual. It is a choice that attracts attention.