Tap into our brand & DNA

Water is the source of life. You quench your thirst. Wake up in the shower. Brew coffee. Cook pasta and rinse salad. Brush your teeth and wash your hands. Every day. And each time Damixa is there for you. We are a part of your life and the most important rooms in your home. With colours and styles that suit your interior, your needs and what you like.

Design is in our Danish DNA, and we give everyday objects special care and attention. A little luxury – not just for the few, but for everyone who cares about style and great design. For us, it makes sense that what you use the most also is the most thought through, thoroughly tested and well-designed.

We identify movements and trends and develop timeless design that lasts, In form and in function. We work continuously to find new solutions that reduce waste and overconsumption – because water is a vital resource we need protect. We are a part of your life and a part of your day. With functions that make sense and design that makes you happy.

Right at hand. Always. Damixa.