Shower Systems
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Shower Systems

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Your bathroom deserves the best

Damixa's comprehensive range of shower systems and shower sets gives you the freedom of choice without compromise. Looking for a complete system with overhead shower and hand shower? Or maybe a more simple solution with just a hand shower? Whatever your need, there is a Damixa solution for your bathroom.

Beautiful Danish design and world class quality always included.

Rub Clean
Rub Clean
3 Spray Modes
3 Spray Modes
Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
Eco Save
Eco Save
Standard features
Ceramic cartridge
Scalding protection (38ºC)
Head Shower max. 9 l/m / Hand Shower max. 8 l/m
1750 mm metal hose
Integrated diverter
Standard 150mm centres
Eco-Click water saving feature
With 3/4" wall plates & eccentric unions
3 spray modes
Drawings & documents
Download Spare part drawing
Download User guide
Download User guide
Download Dimension drawing
Download Cleaning guide
Download Product picture
Spare Part No. Name Price incl. VAT EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.: 766630000 Name:BELL HEAD SHOWER Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516821816
Spare Part No.:0317700 Name:KIT WALL MOUNTING KIT Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516738190
Spare Part No.: 0316300 Name:GLIDER FOR Ø21 MM RAIL Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516733324
Spare Part No.: 766690000 Name:BELL HAND SHOWER Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516821809
Spare Part No.: 766530000 Name:SHOWER HOSE Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516710806
Spare Part No.:0318500 Name:KIT DIVERTER TMC OP/NED Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516803317
Spare Part No.: 1381100 Name:KIT TEMP. REGULATION Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516471189
Spare Part No.:2389800 Name:KIT NUT, STOP VALVE Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516719458
Spare Part No.: 2786300 Name:KIT FILTERS Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516061359
Spare Part No.: 692790000 Name:PROD ACC WALL PLATES Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516045533
Spare Part No.:9309100 Name:TOP RAIL FOR SHOWER SYSTEM Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516831068

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