Danish designed 3-hole bath shower mixer
Danish designed 3-hole bath shower mixer

Clover Green
3-Hole Bath Shower Mixer chrome

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Clover Green

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Green and well thought out

Clover green is an elegant and efficient tap fixture incorporating stylish, environmentally conscious features. A gorgeous range with tight, simple lines that fit in with the home of today. This range was the winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2011.

How Clover Green came about

Jakob Jensen, a design engineer at Damixa, was the designer of Clover Green. The series originates from a development project that had nothing to do with design, says Jakob Jensen:

“It began with the development of a new system for the inside of our tap fixtures. We were looking for a reusable system to avoid reinventing the wheel each time. Clover was the first design we made with the new “innards”. Its sharp and defined edged look is still very popular and is an example of Damixa’s timeless design."

Clover has since been upgraded to Clover Green and includes several stylish and cost-saving features.

High Flow
High Flow
Rub Clean
Rub Clean
5 Spray Modes
5 Spray Modes
Standard features
Ceramic cartridge
Rub-clean aerator
Water consumption max.40 l/min
5 spray modes
Hydro-ceramic cartridge
With diverter
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Spare Part No. Name Price incl. VAT EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.:2399000 Name:COLOR MARKING Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516727712
Spare Part No.:2321200 Name:KIT CARTRIDGE HYDRO LOW Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516547075
Spare Part No.:1329200 Name:KIT MOUNTING KIT Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516420361
Spare Part No.:2327300 Name:KIT O-RINGS & GASKET Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516527398
Spare Part No.:1395000 Name:KIT HOSE M15 / G1/2 Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516505365
Spare Part No.:2320600 Name:KIT HOSE M15X1 Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516547013
Spare Part No.:1331400 Name:KIT DESK DUCT Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516471684
Spare Part No.: 765550000 Name:SHOWER KUDOS GRANDE Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516710455
Spare Part No.:9310200 Name:SPOUT COMPLETE Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516833154

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