Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer
Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer

Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer chrome (Discontinued)

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Unique elegance

G-Type pushes the limits of modern tap fixtures, both in terms of appearance and operation. A ground-breaking design with excellent functionality provided by the unique handles that make the work of setting the desired temperature effortless. G-Type for the kitchen is also available in steel surface.

Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
1 Spray Mode
1 Spray Mode
Standard features
Scalding protection (38ºC)
Water consumption max.20/12 l/min
Standard 150mm centres
1500 mm metal hose
1/2" connection for hand shower hose
Ceramic head part
Drawings & documents
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Spare Part No. Name Description EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.:1381000 Name:STOP VALVE Description: EAN Nr.:5708516471172
Spare Part No.:2359000 Name:AERATOR M24 SLIM Description:& KEY EAN Nr.:5708516624240
Spare Part No.:2318300 Name:ARM CERAMIC W/ SCREW Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516543992
Spare Part No.:2344900 Name:CERAMIC MODULE 3/4 Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516552055
Spare Part No.:2344000 Name:DIVERTER WALL MOUNTED Description: EAN Nr.:5708516551959
Spare Part No.:2344100 Name:O-RING FOR BATH SPOUT Description: EAN Nr.:5708516551966
Spare Part No.:2346500 Name:BUTTON FOR DIVERTER Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516557562
Spare Part No.:2344400 Name:HAND SHOWER COMPLETE Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516552000
Spare Part No.:2344300 Name:HOSE Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516551997
Spare Part No.:2363200 Name:HOLDER Description:F/HAND SHOWER EAN Nr.:5708516604112
Spare Part No.:2361500 Name:HANDLE TEMP. COMPLETE Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516603948
Spare Part No.:2361800 Name:TEMPERATURE REGULATION Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516603979
Spare Part No.:2361200 Name:HANDLE FLOW COMPLETE Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516603917
Spare Part No.:2389200 Name:NIPPLE W/STOP VALVE Description:& FILTER EAN Nr.:5708516716020
Spare Part No.:2392600 Name:ECCENTRIC UNION & O-RING Description:0 EAN Nr.:5708516716563

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