Danish designed A-Pex shower system in chrome.
A-pex shower system designed by Anders Hermansen
The A-Pex shower System is a modern choice for the bathroom
Danish designed A-Pex shower system in chrome.

Shower System chrome

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Anders Hermansen

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The future has arrived – more beautiful than ever

A-Pex paves the way for the tap of the future. Designed by top Danish designer, Anders Hermansen - developed on the basis of future studies and focus groups with the participation of users. The result is a ground-breaking range of taps, where form and function interact perfectly.

A-Pex is the winner of several design awards and the unique positioning of the handles ensures that no water is spilled onto the worktop by wet hands.

A-Pex is the essence of Damixa’s When design makes sense design philosophy and has won all five international design awards:

  • Interior Innovation Award 2014
  • 2 x Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014
  • 2 x Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015

How A-Pex came about

Prior to creating A-Pex, we asked ourselves one question: What is it that users want from the tap fixture of the future?

We managed to get designer Anders Hermansen interested in the idea. We invited futurologist Liselotte Lyngsø to a workshop. We designed, developed and tested. And we presented our ideas to “ordinary” people in focus groups.

They responded with their suggestions and we went back to the drawing board. We stayed there until we had created together exactly what we had aimed for: A-Pex.

Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
Rub Clean
Rub Clean
Standard features
Scalding protection (38ºC)
Head Shower max.12 l/m / Hand Shower max.9 l/m
1500 mm plastic hose
Integrated diverter
Standard 150mm centres
1/2" connection for hand shower hose
Shower pipe can be shortened
Ceramic head part
Drawings & documents
DownloadSpare part drawing
DownloadUser guide
DownloadDimension drawing
DownloadCleaning guide
DownloadProduct picture
Download3D files
Spare Part No. Name Description EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.:1381000 Name:STOP VALVE Description: EAN Nr.:5708516471172
Spare Part No.:0322800 Name:REP. SET HEAD SHOWER S73 Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818618
Spare Part No.:0322900 Name:REP. SET FLANGE F/ SHOWER RAIL Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818625
Spare Part No.:4849100 Name:PROD. ACC EXTENSION SET 50 MM Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818724
Spare Part No.:0323300 Name:HANDLE S73 TMC FLOW Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818656
Spare Part No.:0323600 Name:WEAR RING FOR HANDLE Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818687
Spare Part No.:0323400 Name:KITCERAMIC MODULE Description: 90 DEGREE RIGHT EAN Nr.:5708516818663
Spare Part No.:0323700 Name:ECCENTRIC UNIONS Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818694
Spare Part No.:0323800 Name:REGULATION UNIT Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818700
Spare Part No.:0323900 Name:HANDLE S73 TMC TEMP Description: REGULATION EAN Nr.:5708516818731
Spare Part No.:0323500 Name:CERAMIC MODULE Description: 90 DEGREE LEFT EAN Nr.:5708516818670
Spare Part No.:0323100 Name:SHOWER HOSE 1500 MM Description: BLACK EAN Nr.:5708516818717
Spare Part No.:0323000 Name:HAND SHOWER S73 Description: EAN Nr.:5708516818632
Spare Part No.:9303600 Name:GLIDER FOR HAND SHOWER Description:A-PEX EAN Nr.:5708516823940

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