Damixa Tradition bath shower mixer in chrome
Picture of the danish designed Tradition bath shower mixer
Damixa Tradition bath shower mixer in chrome


Bath Shower Mixer

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1 Spray Mode
1 Spray Mode
Standard features
Water consumption max.18/13 l/min
Standard 150mm centres
With wall plates & eccentric unions
Automatic diverter
1500 mm metal hose
Ceramic head part
Drawings & documents
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Spare Part No. Name Description EAN
Spare Part No.:13810 Name: STOP VALVE Description: EAN:5708516471172
Spare Part No.:69279 Name: WALL PLATES Description: EAN:5708516045533
Spare Part No.:13298 Name: REGULATION UNIT Description:HOT EAN:5708516337690
Spare Part No.:37527 Name: REGULATION UNIT Description: EAN:5708516164760
Spare Part No.:37544 Name: COVER F/HANDLE Description: EAN:5708516164852
Spare Part No.:03111 Name: HANDLE & COLOR MARKING Description:2 HANDLE MODEL EAN:5708516728597
Spare Part No.:37537 Name: DIVERTER Description: EAN:5708516164838
Spare Part No.:03114 Name: DIVERTER & PISTON Description: EAN:5708516728580
Spare Part No.:76652 Name:SHOWER HOSE Description:1500 MM, METAL EAN:5708516710790
Spare Part No.:37206 Name:TRADITION HAND SHOWER Description:METAL, WHITE PORCELAIN HANDLE EAN:5708516145004
Spare Part No.:03150 Name: HANDLE F/DIVERTER Description:F/37025 EAN:5708516733706
Spare Part No.:37536 Name: HANDLE F/DIVERTER Description:F/37025 EAN:5708516164777

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