Arc basin/bidet mixer with pop up waste -
Damixa Arc basin/bidet mixer with pop up waste in chrome
Picture of Arc basin/bidet mixer with a 360-degree handle.
One-grip Arc mixer for the bathroom
Arc mixer in the modern bathroom
Damixa Arc basin/bidet mixer with pop up waste in chrome

Basin/Bidet Mixer with pop up waste

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Jakob Jensen

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All round innovation and elegance

Arc is a textbook example of Danish design at its best. Innovation when it makes most sense. With its unique 360-degree operation, Arc can be manoeuvred all the way around the kitchen sink. The most flexible and versatile range of kitchen taps on the market is available with multi-coloured handles and spouts and has been awarded with both the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award.

How we created Arc

Arc is created from our desire to develop the most flexible Damixa tap fixture ever. As soon as the unique 360 degree movement was in place, the task of completing the innovation was up to designer Jakob Jensen:

“The challenge was to let the design show what Arc can do, in order for the user to be able to understand it intuitively. One could say that the functionality contributed greatly in dictating the design. For example, I chose to give the spout a different, more distinctive type of profile. The tap has been turned around to face the opposite side, giving the user a hint that it can be turned to 360 degrees,” says Jakob Jensen.

Standard features
1 handle
Ceramic cartridge
Water consumption max.15 l/min
3 way rotational movement
With adjustable aerator
Pop up waste with click function
Drawings & documents
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Spare Part No. Name Description EAN
Spare Part No.:23148 Name: LOCKING RING / WEAR RING Description:Ø50,5 EAN:5708516544272
Spare Part No.:23981 Name: SPOUT COMPLETE Description: EAN:5708516724636
Spare Part No.:03183 Name: GASKETER FOR SPOUT Description: EAN:5708516802754
Spare Part No.:23979 Name: SPOUT HEAD COMPLETE Description: EAN:5708516724612
Spare Part No.:13050 Name: AERATOR M24X1-A Description: EAN:5708516144786
Spare Part No.:58051 Name: X-RINGS Description:Ø40X3, 7X4,2 EAN:5708516031574
Spare Part No.:03218 Name: CARTRIDGE & VALVE SEATS Description: EAN:5708516814016
Spare Part No.:23583 Name: VALVE SEATS & SPRINGS Description: EAN:5708516619802
Spare Part No.:23450 Name: STOP VALVE Description:FOR SHOWER EAN:5708516552062
Spare Part No.:03110 Name: X-, SLID- & LÅSE-RING Description:X-RING Ø40, WEAR RING Ø50,7, LOCKING RING Ø50,5 EAN:5708516727392
Spare Part No.:13032 Name: GASKET Ø48/41X2 Description: EAN:5708516163282
Spare Part No.:13292 Name: MOUNTING SET Description: EAN:5708516420361
Spare Part No.:23880 Name: HOSE PEX M10*1 Description:450 MM Ø10 EAN:5708516709534
Spare Part No.:03151 Name: HOSE PEX M10*1 Description:450 MM, 3/8" EAN:5708516734710
Spare Part No.:23850 Name:COMPLETE WASTE Description:WITH CLICK-FUNCTION EAN:5708516712022

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