Touchless Pro Kitchen Mixer
Touchless Pro Kitchen Mixer
Touchless Pro Kitchen Mixer

Touchless Pro Kitchen Mixer matt black

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Matt black



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Silhouet Touchless Pro is a new type of touchless taps, designed specifically for home use. Stylish, practical, and hygienic because you never have to touch the tap with dirty hands.

Silhouet Touchless Pro is equipped with a flexible hose and a showerhead, making it easy to use the entire sink. No need to struggle with large pots and pans under the tap; the hose makes it easy to angle the water stream and get into all nooks and crannies when washing and cleaning. One push of a button, and you activate the showerhead, letting you rinse large surfaces in no time at all.

Silhouet Touchless Pro gives you all the advantages of the touchless tap as well as the functionality of the professional kitchen.

Rub Clean
Rub Clean
Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
Eco Save
Eco Save
Standard features
120° swivel limitation
Ceramic cartridge
Standard installation
8/l min aerator
Easy handle regulation of temperature and flow
Small velcro attached battery container
No extra space requirement
Spray function
Flexible hose
Drawings & documents
Download Spare part drawing
Download User guide
Download Dimension drawing
Download Cleaning guide
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Spare Part No. Name Price incl. VAT EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.:9310961 Name:SPRAY HEAD Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516833741
Spare Part No.:2398800 Name:KIT WEAR PARTS Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516727750
Spare Part No.: 2362300 Name:KIT CARTRIDGE KN35 Price incl. VAT: 0,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516727200
Spare Part No.:2398961 Name:CYLINDER HEAD & COVER CAP Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516825111
Spare Part No.:2399061 Name:COLOR MARKING Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516825098
Spare Part No.:1329200 Name:KIT MOUNTING KIT Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516420361
Spare Part No.:0315100 Name:KIT HOSE PEX M10*1 Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516734710
Spare Part No.:9306700 Name:KIT CHECK VALVE CONNECTOR Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516831495
Spare Part No.:0320500 Name:KIT FILTER - 2 PCS. Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516809524
Spare Part No.:S600135 Name: Price incl. VAT: 17,20 EUR EAN Nr.:7391887262098
Spare Part No.:9306561 Name:KIT HANDLE TEMP. TOUCHLESS S74 Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:5708516831464
Spare Part No.: S600147 Name: Price incl. VAT: EUR EAN Nr.:7391887264191

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