Development and production ensures quality

Nothing is left to chance

At Damixa’s factory in the north-eastern part of Odense in Denmark. Only the best is good enough and we put a great deal of effort into ensuring a consistent level of high quality in our products.

Our own standards

We have a razor-sharp focus on quality all the way from the development and test laboratories to the factory floor, where the finished taps are assembled and quality checked. Flaws - or simply the slightest deviation from our high standards - are not tolerated.

​​​​​​​Our toolbox is a combination of advanced technology, machines and keen eyes. Our development engineers use 3D printers when working with prototypes. The test engineers work with both advanced measuring equipment and machines they have made themselves for testing and stressing the individual components for long periods of time.

This ensures that both our existing products, as well as those in the development phase, live up to the necessary standards. And if there is no standard to begin with, we develop our own stringent, Damixa standards.

All fully assembled taps undergo a thorough leak test for density and are meticulously examined by trained eyes in the last stage of the process. Only after the visual inspection is complete and the individual taps have been approved, may they be packed in Damixa’s packaging and forwarded for distribution.