Bell Chrome Kitchen mixer []
2-grip Bell kitchen mixer
2-grip Bell kitchen mixer

Chrome Kitchen mixer

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Jakob Jensen

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Soft and inviting

Chrome and steel can also be inviting, even quite cosy. Just look at Bell with its beautifully curved shapes. A different kind of tap range, where the bottom of the body seemingly floats over the tabletop or washbasin. Stylish and environmentally conscious features have been incorporated into the design.

How we created Bell

What should the tap of the future look like? Which functions will be needed? These were some of the questions we asked - both Danish consumers and ourselves. A design day, concept selection and presentation to a focus group supplied us the answers. We called the design concept cosy chrome and the result was Bell.

Our own designer, Jakob Jensen, says:

"The idea behind Bell was to take something cold and sharp and make it soft and round. Then make it natural and inviting. In addition, Bell was designed using fewer gradients and openings, making it extremely easy to clean."

Eco Click
Eco Click
Rub Clean
Rub Clean
Standard features
2 handle
120° swivel limitation
Water consumption max. 8 l/min
Eco-Click water saving feature
Ceramic head part
Drawings & documents
DownloadSpare part drawing
DownloadUser guide
DownloadDimension drawing
DownloadCleaning guide
DownloadProduct picture
Download3D files
Spare Part No. Name Description EAN
Spare Part No.:03224 Name: AERATOR M22X1 Description:RUB CLEAN, 8L/MIN EAN:5708516815075
Spare Part No.:23065 Name: COLOR MARKING RED & BLUE Description: EAN:5708516515098
Spare Part No.:23069 Name: SPRING RING ECO-CLICK Description: EAN:5708516547273
Spare Part No.:13298 Name: REGULATION UNIT Description:HOT EAN:5708516337690
Spare Part No.:13297 Name: REGULATION UNIT Description:COLD EAN:5708516337683
Spare Part No.:93007 Name: COVER PLATE Description: EAN:5708516822264
Spare Part No.:93008 Name: O-RINGS AND WEAR RINGS Description:INCL. SWIVEL LIMITATION EAN:5708516822271
Spare Part No.:03108 Name: KEY NV2 & SCREW Description:M4X8, M4X10, M4X12 EAN:5708516727668
Spare Part No.:23585 Name: TRIGGERING DEVICE MM Description:RELEASE UNITRING FOR MIXER & SCREW M4X10 EAN:5708516603641
Spare Part No.:58357 Name: DISTANCE RING Description: EAN:5708516100676
Spare Part No.:23880 Name: HOSE PEX M10*1 Description:450 MM Ø10 EAN:5708516709534
Spare Part No.:48220 Name: X-CHANGE Description: EAN:5708516602941
Spare Part No.:03151 Name: HOSE PEX M10*1 Description:450 MM, 3/8" EAN:5708516734710

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