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Osier Kitchen mixer with a pull-out spout
Osier Kitchen mixer with a pull-out spout

Chrome Kitchen Mixer

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Damixa Design

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Classic minimalist design

Modern design meets classical in Osier. A range of elegant taps with a tight, minimalist look. Exactly in line with Danish and Scandinavian design tradition. With its chrome or steel surface, Osier stands out from the crowd and is available with a classic, curved spout or a modern L-shaped spout. All Osier kitchen taps are available with pull-out spouts.

How we created Osier

“The idea of giving Osier both a curved and L-shaped spout was to combine classical with modern design. In general, Osier follows the plain and simple lines to create a tight and minimalist feel. But with the option of the classic curved spout, a slightly different feel is achieved on the whole. So it’s up to the customer to choose".

Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
Cold Start
Cold Start
Dishwasher shutoff
Dishwasher shutoff
Eco Save
Eco Save
Pull Out - 2 Functions
Pull Out - 2 Functions
Rub Clean
Rub Clean
Standard features
1 handle
120° swivel limitation
Ceramic cartridge
Rub-clean aerator
Scalding protection (38ºC)
Eco-Save water saving feature
Dishwasher Shut off valve
Dual function spray head
Drawings & documents
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Spare Part No. Name Description EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.:23803 Name:AERATOR & KEY Description: EAN Nr.:5708516703334
Spare Part No.:23699 Name:SHOWER HEAD Description: EAN Nr.:5708516679363
Spare Part No.:13810 Name:STOP VALVE Description: EAN Nr.:5708516471172
Spare Part No.:23623 Name:CARTRIDGE KN35 Description:Ø35 EAN Nr.:5708516727200
Spare Part No.:23989 Name:CYLINDER HEADR, COVER CAPR Description:& SWIVEL LIMITATION EAN Nr.:5708516727705
Spare Part No.:23990 Name:COLOR MARKINGERING Description:& KEY NV 3 EAN Nr.:5708516727712
Spare Part No.:13299 Name:O-RING Ø37,69 Description: EAN Nr.:5708516337706
Spare Part No.:58357 Name:DISTANCE RING Description: EAN Nr.:5708516100676
Spare Part No.:23937 Name:MOUNTING KIT Description: EAN Nr.:5708516718895
Spare Part No.:13318 Name:COUNTER WEIGHT Description:HOSE CLAMPS Ø9,2-10,5 , Ø10,2-12 & Ø12-13,5 EAN Nr.:5708516151548
Spare Part No.:03151 Name:HOSE PEX M10*1 Description:450 MM, 3/8" EAN Nr.:5708516734710
Spare Part No.:58335 Name:CABLE Description:M6XM4 Ø6X550MM EAN Nr.:5708516142812
Spare Part No.:95802 Name:CERAMIC HOT SIDE Description: EAN Nr.:5708516089032
Spare Part No.:03180 Name:HOSE M10*1 Description:650 MM 3/8" EAN Nr.:5708516801634
Spare Part No.:03174 Name:HOSE PULL OUT Description:1600 MM EAN Nr.:5708516738145
Spare Part No.:03157 Name:HOSE M10*1 Description:650 MM, Ø10 EAN Nr.:5708516736042

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