Hilina chrome

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Eco Click
Eco Click
Integrated Diverter
Integrated Diverter
Rub Clean
Rub Clean
Standard features
Scalding protection (38ºC)
1750 mm metal hose
Integrated diverter
Standard 150mm centres
Eco-Click water saving feature
With 3/4" wall plates & eccentric unions
Including headshower, handshower and hose
Drawings & documents
Download Spare part drawing
Download Dimension drawing
Download Cleaning guide
Download Product picture
Spare Part No. Name Price excl. VAT EAN Nr.
Spare Part No.:2389800 Name:NUT, STOP VALVE Price excl. VAT:14,50 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516719458
Spare Part No.:2786300 Name:FILTERS Price excl. VAT:10,10 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516061359
Spare Part No.:1364300 Name:WALL PLATES 2 PCS Price excl. VAT:11,10 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516338291
Spare Part No.:1381100 Name:TEMP. REGULATION Price excl. VAT:149,90 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516471189
Spare Part No.:0318500 Name:DIVERTER TMC OP/NED Price excl. VAT:85,40 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516803317
Spare Part No.:0317700 Name:WALL MOUNTING KIT Price excl. VAT:53,10 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516738190
Spare Part No.:9304400 Name:TOP RAIL FOR SHOWER SYSTEM Price excl. VAT:81,00 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516826866
Spare Part No.:0316300 Name:GLIDER FOR Ø21 MM PIPE Price excl. VAT:36,50 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516733324
Spare Part No.:9310000 Name: LIVE TIME MOTION -DZR Price excl. VAT:53,70 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516833147
Spare Part No.:9310100 Name:TEMPERATURE REGULATION DZR Price excl. VAT:51,40 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516833130
Spare Part No.:7656900 Name:HEAD SHOWER HILINA Price excl. VAT:230,80 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516807919
Spare Part No.:9305300 Name:O-RINGS Price excl. VAT:2,80 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516829164
Spare Part No.:4809500 Name:SWIVEL SPOUT FOR BATH TUB Price excl. VAT:139,10 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516827610
Spare Part No.:7668300 Name:SHOWER HOSE Price excl. VAT:55,90 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516821939
Spare Part No.:7655500 Name:SHOWER KUDOS GRANDE Price excl. VAT:158,60 EUR EAN Nr.:5708516710455

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