Damixa’s DNA Innovation, smart functions and respect for the environment


A tap isn’t just a tap for turning water on and off. At Damixa, we believe that a tap should be easy to use, have smart integrated functions, be attractive to look at and save on water and energy. Damixa began the development of the old-fashioned tap into the modern taps we are familiar with today in the 1950s. Innovation is in our DNA, and we’ve been involved in setting new standards for taps in a number of respects throughout Damixa’s 85-year history. We were the first company in Europe to produce single-handled taps for example.

We were the first to introduce the red and blue temperature indicator. And it was Damixa who invented both the horseshoe shaped fixing nut, which is used for installing taps all over the world, and the unique X-Change for lightning fast tap replacement.

We are known - and renowned 

for our attractive taps that represent the acme of Danish design and quality. But we are equally preoccupied by the inside. Everything that can’t be seen by the consumer on the outside is crucial for the tap to function optimally. And this means year after year.

The engineers at Daxima are constantly working on development, improvement and optimisation. Always with the same purpose in mind: To improve comfort and user friendliness, while having the utmost respect for the environment at the same time.

This is why our taps have been developed with the latest technology and smart integrated functions. Anti-scalding, Eco Save, Rub Clean and cold start are just a few examples of the numerous smart functions to be found in Damixa taps.