Developed for customers - together with customers

Focus groups and tests

It’s imperative for Damixa that our products genuinely meet the needs of our customers. A new tap or shower system must have an attractive appearance - both in the eyes of our customers and in their homes. And it must include the functions required by the customer.

A tap is therefore not just a tap. It’s an important part of our home that should make things easier in everyday life. It must be easy to use, have smart integral functions and of course, be attractive in appearance.

​​​​​​​It’s not enough that we at Damixa try to guess what our customers need. This is why our customers are an integral part of the development process. Much of our design range is a result of a close design and development process, where the customers come with their input in focus groups and tests.

Developed for customers - together with customers

Vi præsenterer designforslag og prototyper. Kunderne giver ris og ros og kommer med nye ønsker og ideer. Vores designere går tilbage til tegnebordet, og vores ingeniører tilføjer og tilpasser funktionalitet. Sammen arbejder vi os frem mod det næste Damixa-armatur. Kort sagt: Vi udvikler armaturer til vores kunder, sammen med vores kunder.

We present the design proposals and prototypes. The customers reply with suggestions and present new wishes and ideas. Our designers go back to the drawing board and our engineers add to and modify the functionality. Together, we work towards the development of our next Damixa tap. To put it briefly: We develop taps for our customers together with our customers.

There are times when we may also need a helping hand from other experts who are not our customers. This was the case with our unique Clover Easy handle range for example. It was developed in close collaboration with a group of users with specific needs for easy operation and with specialists in user-friendly design from the Danish design house, Design Concern.