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Care for water

Our design heritage is Scandinavian. But our outlook and concern for the environment is global. At FM Mattsson Mora Group, we care for water, and we apply this to all aspects of our business. We strive to operate as a company in an environmentally responible way. And we develop products with smart features that help our customers save water and energy. When you choose a Mora Armatur, FM Mattsson or Damixa product, you care for water.

FM Mattsson Mora Group

is a proud purveyor of Scandinavian heritage and design, but more importantly, the foundation of everything we do is global dedication to water and the environment.

Environment policy

Through active and systematic environmental work, FM Mattsson Mora Group will contribute to lasting sustainable development.

Towards 2030

Sustainability means thinking in the long term. That’s why we have clearly stated goals that we continuously work towards. For example, by 2030 our entire operations are to be carbon-neutral.


FM Mattsson Mora Group AB cares what the community thinks and wants. The group works actively to enhance relationships with its stakeholders by being a sensitive actor, manufacturer and partner.

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It is important to save water! Through conscious choices we can all help pushing a more sustainable development. By caring for our water, we can strive for a world, where we exploit our common ressouces more efficintly.