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Your bathroom deserves the best

Damixa's comprehensive range of shower systems and shower sets gives you the freedom of choice without compromise. Looking for a complete system with overhead shower and hand shower? Or maybe a more simple solution with just a hand shower? Whatever your need, there is a Damixa solution for your bathroom.

Beautiful Danish design and world class quality always included.

Anti Scalding
Anti Scalding
Eco Click
Eco Click
Rub Clean
Rub Clean
3 Spray Modes
3 Spray Modes
Standard features
Scalding protection (38ºC)
Head Shower max.12 l/m / Hand Shower max.9 l/m
Adjustable Height
Standard 150mm centres
Incl. Soap dish & Glider
Eco-Click water saving feature
With wall plates & eccentric unions
With diverter
1500 mm metal hose
Including headshower, handshower and hose
Shower pipe can be shortened
Drawings & documents
DownloadSpare part drawing
DownloadUser guide
DownloadDimension drawing
DownloadCleaning guide
DownloadProduct picture
Spare Part No. Name Description EAN
Spare Part No.:76557 Name:HEAD SHOWER KUDOS Description:1-FUNCTION, RUB CLEAN, Ø200MM EAN:5708516710479
Spare Part No.:03177 Name: WALL MOUNTING SET Description: EAN:5708516738190
Spare Part No.:03163 Name: GLIDER FOR Ø21 MM PIPE Description: EAN:5708516733324
Spare Part No.:23905 Name: SOAP DISH INCL 3 HOLDERS Description:Ø111, CHROME EAN:5708516710899
Spare Part No.:03184 Name: DIVERTER Ø35 Description: EAN:5708516803133
Spare Part No.:03164 Name: CERAMIC DIVERTER Description:Ø35 & Ø41 EAN:5708516733331
Spare Part No.:13810 Name: STOP VALVE Description: EAN:5708516471172
Spare Part No.:76652 Name:SHOWER HOSE Description:1500 MM, METAL EAN:5708516710790
Spare Part No.:76554 Name:SHOWER KUDOS Description:3-FUNCTIONS, RUB CLEAN EAN:5708516710448
Spare Part No.:03125 Name: HANDLE FLOW REGULER Description: EAN:5708516735427
Spare Part No.:13298 Name: REGULATION UNIT Description:HOT EAN:5708516337690
Spare Part No.:13811 Name: TEMPERATURE REGULATION Description:SENSOR COLD EAN:5708516471189
Spare Part No.:03142 Name: HANDLE TEMP. REGULER Description: EAN:5708516735410
Spare Part No.:23898 Name: NUT, STOP VALVE Description:& FILTER, TMC EAN:5708516719458
Spare Part No.:27863 Name: FILTERS Description:2 PCS EAN:5708516061359
Spare Part No.:69279 Name: WALL PLATES Description: EAN:5708516045533
Spare Part No.:03193 Name: BR.HOSE Description:1500 MM"SILVER" EASYFLEX EAN:5708516807049

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