Talented designers personify Damixa

Damixa is famous all over the world for excellent Danish design. It is our partnerships with talented designers that will make the taps for generations to come.  

Damixa works closely with trend-setting designers from all over the world to ensure that it remains at the forefront of tap fittings for the homes of the future. “We always have to ensure that we both fulfil and exceed consumer expectation,” explainsOle Sander, President & CEO.  

Design and function goes hand in hand

Damixa’s design philosophy is that design and function should go hand in hand. This philosophy is reflected in the motto ‘When design makes sense’. We spend a lot of resources on identifying and understanding behaviour and expectations in kitchens and bathrooms, because a Damixa tap should not only function well, its design should also remain appealing for many years.  Our taps have attracted widespread recognition and won several international design awards. Please see the link below.


Anders Hermansen

Designer Anders Hermansen graduated as a furnituredesigner from the Danish Design School in 1982. He has worked with leading Danish firms, including Paustian A/S and Louis Poulsen. Since the late 1980s, he has developed profile products together with B&O – most recently Beosound 5 and BeoPlay V1.

With the new A-Pex from Damixa, the distinguished design tradition is continued. Danish. International. Different - but with an ability to create momentous designs with a solid sense of aesthetics and a consumer-defined foundation to rest upon.

”It has been an exciting challenge to unite consumers’ wishes, innovation and classic functions into a tap, which is able to enliven so many different kinds of rooms, making its beautiful and functional mark on all of them,” says Anders Hermansen.





Design Manager Anne Qvist from the well-known architects practice Arkitema is the woman behind Damixa’s Profile taps – beautiful minimalism for kitchens, bathrooms and showers. Based on Arkitema’s philosophy of creating cohesion between the product and its surroundings, Anne Qvist has designed a modern classic suitable for both old and new homes.  

Anne Qvist says about her design of Profile: “I love good quality and I love everything that is simple and stylistically consistent. This was the basis for the Profile range which suits the times we are living in. We are busy in our everyday lives. We want to surround ourselves with good design and things just need to work every time. With Profile you know that the whole concept has really been thought through and that brings joy in everyday life.”





Gneissgroup is a Copenhagen design company with wild ideas and a hankering for innovation. The result of the first partnership between Gneissgroup and Damixa was the simple and ingenious G-Type range which has won an international design award. Designer Mikal Harrsen and architect Torben Jørgensen from Gneissgroup contacted Damixa themselves with the basic idea for the G-Type range – and the concept generated such enthusiasm in our Design Department that they were keen to work with this innovative company



Damixa’s Own Designers


Damixa itself also has plenty of talent in its Design Department. Damixa’s designers wondered why water could only run downwards from a tap when it made practical sense for it to be able to run upwards as well – for example if you want a drink of water.  

Damixa changed this notion with the Arc tap range. The spout can be turned from side to side and up and down to make it easy, for example, to get water into the corners of the sink when you need to clean it or fill a pan with water. The many features and remarkable design of the tap range have won two international awards.

We were interested in combining the many functional options with a simple and stylish look which is so typical of good Danish design. That is why we used a joystick as a handle and added accessory which is pleasant to the touch and clearly indicates where you need to grip to operate the product,” explains Claus Rosager Nielsen, Vice President Reasearch & Development.  

White and Red – ready to switch

The Arc series is available in a pure Chrome version and in Chrome with Black, Red and White, soft tactile accessories for the handle and spout.In this way you can change the colour when you want a new style in your kitchen or bathroom.