Damixa – When Design Makes Sense.

Everybody loves good design. But what characterizes really good design? At Damixa we believe that good design is: When Design makes Sense.

As a part of the world-renowned Danish design tradition we take great pride in upholding the philosophy which states: Danish design is defined by simple and straightforward materials, flawless craftsmanship, a design that suits the ergonomics of the object’s intended use, and subservience of “form to function”.
When you buy a tap from Damixa, you say yes to stylish Danish design that is very durable, and to a product that we have made great efforts to ensure is both logical and easy to use.

That Damixa succeed in combining usability and design, the company has got visible proof of over the last couple of years. Each year Damixa has been rewarded with a design award for one or more of our products. As the latest the A-Pex series received its 4th award, making it the most winning series in the Damixa history.
Over the last years the environmental consciousness has grown, which Damixa has to adapt to. This is why the new Fern series has a unique active water saving feature where you can choose to save water without putting any restrictions on a busy day. Our popular Clover series will at the same time be extended with Green Versions that are more suitable for the increasing demands from the project market.

The story:
Damixa is a Danish company, located in Odense Denmark. Founded in 1932 the company started by making parts for motorbikes. But this changed in 1966 when Damixa was the first to introduce the 1-handle mixer in Europe. This escalated the business and the factory was build where Damixa is located today. Through the 70`s and 80`s Damixa grew extensively and was first with many things. For example the combined color indication and the horse-shoe fastening system.  Both of which today are industry standards.

Today Damixa has one of the markets broadest product ranges where a wide specter is covered, both design- and price wise. There is surely something to be found that suits anyone, and you can be sure that all of our products include both Danish design and quality. That is what we call “When Design Makes Sense”.

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