Change your tap fittings yourself – it’s easy!

Damixa has invented a special base to allow the tap to be changed to a new design making it possible for anyone to replace a tap in just 20 seconds.    

Traditionally, tap fittings were only changed when a whole kitchen or bathroom was being replaced. Today consumers want to be able to change their kitchen or bathroom fittings much more often. Taps have become part of interior design and when we change our towels and shower curtains, we also sometimes want to change the design of our taps. “We have made it extremely easy to change Damixa taps by inventing the special X-change base. With this installed, Damixa taps can be changed in 20 seconds – with just an Allen key,” explains Lars Bladt, CEO.

Many options

Fashions change – and that includes tap design. So Damixa has opened up a world of opportunities for consumers. With the X-change base it is easy to change to a completely different tap style. Damixa tap fittings can also be ‘transformed’. For example, Damixa’s award-winning Arc tap range can change its appearance. Arc tap are available with red or white coverings for the handle and spout. Change the tap covering and the tap gets an entirely different look.

 “We want to give consumers many options to allow them to change their tap to match their home décor. It is about offering both the right design and the right functionality. You can also count on premium quality from Damixa,” says Lars Bladt.