Features & Options

When you look at Damixa products, you need only to concentrate on their appearance and the design of your preference. Whichever product you choose, you can be certain that it will be top quality in terms of function, operation and quality.  At the same time you can enjoy the wide range of industry-leading innovative features and options you get with Damixa. Below you can read more about them in detail:


Save water with Eco-save...

A water saving feature that is activated and adjusted on a small screw on the ceramic cartridge. You can save up to 25-30 % of your normal water usage, which benefits both you and the environment.

On showers this symbol indicates a pre-installed flow limitation. This may be disengaged if preferred.

Pull Out:

A flexible hose!

You can extend the spray head up to 40 cm from its fixed position, perfect for rinsing or food preparation. The spray head returns smoothly back in to place using a counterbalance system. The number indicates 1 or 2 spray modes.


High Flow:

From 0 to 40 litres in 60 seconds!

A High Flow mixer tap fills you bath in no time. The Hydro-flow cartridge system allows a flow up to 40 litres of water per minute.

Spray Modes:

Many options!

This icon illustrates if there is 1, 2, 3 or 5 spray modes on the hand shower.




Extra safety!

Activated during installation (if required),this anti-scalding safety feature limits the movement of the tap head/lever, preventing accidental “full hot” water selection. Mixers and thermostats with this symbol provide extra safety protection.

Rub Clean:

Remove limestone easy

With the Rub Clean function, chalk easily removes from your product without dismantling or using chemicals. - Just rub a finger on the flexible rubber surface on the aerator or on your shower head and the limestone will disappear.



Cold Start:

Save hot water

When the handle is placed in its initial position the mixer will only supply cold water. This means less hot water consumption and thus energy saving.



Water Saving! 

 A mechanism designed to save water. A subtle resistance is experienced when opening the tap, discouraging operation at full flow. Simply click past for more flow. This may be disengaged if preferred (though not on thermostatic mixers).