Venus Chrome Kitchen Mixer []
Damixa Venus one-grip kitchen tap in chrome
Danish designed Damixa Venus 3-grip kitchen mixer
The Venus tap is a classic example of danish design
Kitchen Mixer
Damixa Venus one-grip kitchen tap in chrome

Chrome Kitchen Mixer

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Martin Merge

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As beautiful as a swan

Venus is proof that even modern design can be renewed. The characteristically large handle makes Venus an iconic tap, impossible not to fall for. As irresistible and beautiful as a swan. This kitchen tap is also available with a steel surface.

German designer Martin Merge designed the Venus range for Damixa.

Eco Click
Eco Click
Standard features
2 handle
120° swivel limitation
Water consumption max.15 l/min
Eco-Click water saving feature
Ceramic head part
Drawings & documents
DownloadSpare part drawing
DownloadUser guide
DownloadDimension drawing
DownloadCleaning guide
DownloadProduct picture
Download3D files
Spare Part No. Name Description EAN
Spare Part No.:13640 Name: AERATOR M22X1-A Description: EAN:5708516338253
Spare Part No.:03118 Name: O-RINGS & SWIVEL LIMIT. Description:O-RING Ø14,3 SWIVEL LIMIT. 0/120°WEAR RING Ø20 EAN:5708516728733
Spare Part No.:23887 Name: SPOUT COMPLETE 203 MM Description:KITCHEN EAN:5708516715047
Spare Part No.:03108 Name: KEY NV2 & SCREW Description:M4X8, M4X10, M4X12 EAN:5708516727668
Spare Part No.:13297 Name: REGULATION UNIT Description:COLD EAN:5708516337683
Spare Part No.:13298 Name: REGULATION UNIT Description:HOT EAN:5708516337690
Spare Part No.:23069 Name: SPRING RING ECO-CLICK Description: EAN:5708516547273
Spare Part No.:13807 Name: HANDLE Description:1 SET EAN:5708516386285
Spare Part No.:23065 Name: COLOR MARKING RED & BLUE Description: EAN:5708516515098
Spare Part No.:13296 Name: HANDLE COMPLETE Description: EAN:5708516337676
Spare Part No.:23585 Name: TRIGGERING DEVICE MM Description:RELEASE UNITRING FOR MIXER & SCREW M4X10 EAN:5708516603641
Spare Part No.:58357 Name: DISTANCE RING Description: EAN:5708516100676
Spare Part No.:23880 Name: HOSE PEX M10*1 Description:450 MM Ø10 EAN:5708516709534
Spare Part No.:03151 Name: HOSE PEX M10*1 Description:450 MM, 3/8" EAN:5708516734710
Spare Part No.:48220 Name: X-CHANGE Description: EAN:5708516602941

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