Caring for the environment

Damixa incorporates consideration for the environment in everything it does. Being a green business is fashionable, but at Damixa being green is also about tradition and adhering with its own environmental philosophy. This means that Damixa is at the forefront of water-saving product design.

Water is a scarce resource. The Earth’s population has increased three-fold in the past century while water consumption has risen seven-fold. We need to conserve these scarce and expensive drops. Damixa has many models on the market which are adjustable and have water-saving settings.

“The trick is to develop and design great products that give consumers a great shower or washing experience while reducing water consumption by e.g. 25 or 30%,” explains Vice President Research & Development, Claus Rosager Nielsen.

Over the years, Damixa has shown that this can be done. All models can of course also be set to 100% water function if required. The environmental elements in the Damixa tap fittings result in thousands of litres of water being saved a year in a standard household. This can be felt by each individual family and it has a great impact on society and the environment when many inhabitants in the same area agree to conserve water.

Environmental philosophy

Damixa’s attitude to the environment has been set out in its environmental policy which forms the basis of all company activities.

“In addition to developing new, water-saving fittings we also focus on recycling materials to save energy in our production processes. We prefer suppliers who can document their environmental management and we make an effort to promote environmental awareness among our own employees,” says Managing Director Ole Sander. “In our products, we make environmental choices and reuse materials. This also applies to the evaluation of existing products and the development of new ones where we think in terms of life cycles. We have a shared responsibility to the environment.” explains Ole Sander.

The environment plays a central role at Damixa. “Things need to form a synthesis. We need to show consideration for the environment while focusing on superior design, functionality and premium quality. We would like to give consumers all over the world an excellent experience for many years – also when they need to replace a Damixa product and dispose of it with a clean conscience,” says Ole Sander.